Why Rustic Furniture Is The Best Choice For Your Home

Design and architectural experts are fond of declaring that popular styles are simply “trends.” Rose quartz, warm metals, and “retro tech” are the latest to have been blessed by those experts with the “trendy” label, and they will undoubtedly be replaced on the list by other styles within a year.

You’ll often read that rustic design is becoming hot and trendy again. Nothing could be further from the truth – it’s always been hot. Ever since rustic furniture was first seen in mid-to-late 19th century America, rustic interior design has remained one of the most popular choices for homes in rural, suburban and urban settings. In recent years, modern trends have influenced rustic design, resulting in many unusual pieces which could not have been envisioned by the craftsmen of 100 years ago. That growing diversity in styles and approaches is an important reason why rustic furniture has continued to grow in popularity well into the 21st century.

Many choose rustic furniture because they believe the overall feel contributes a warm, welcoming feeling to a room, while others feel that specific types of wood offer just the right character or scent that completes their living space. There are homeowners who love the feeling of being close to nature (particularly those who live far from the wilderness), and those who appreciate the sustainability and environmental benefits of making furniture from hand-crafted wood. No matter what reasons people have for making the choice to go rustic, furniture that’s been lovingly created from beautiful wood provides a unique and comfortable look and feel to any room.

It’s also extremely versatile and durable. The striking appearance of peacock lamps makes it ideal to place in almost any area of any room; no matter where it’s situated, it will stand out and make a definite design statement. And because it’s constructed from durable wood that has been carefully crafted, it’s not the type of furniture that is going to fall apart after a few years. Rustic furniture will be around for the long-term. It may initially be more expensive than cheaper processed wood furniture, but it’s an investment which will pay dividends for years.

Most of us probably think we “know” what rustic furniture is. In reality, the term can have several different meanings.