Product Review: Sony MDR-AS50G Portable Headphones

Portable headphones have a unique job – they must provide all the comfort, quality, and features of normal headphones, but wrap them in a durable and light frame, thus making them ‘portable’. This makes finding a good pair fairly difficult, as many take shortcuts to achieve the end goal.

Product Review: Sony MDR-AS50G Portable Headphones
Product Review: Sony MDR-AS50G Portable Headphones

The Sony MDR-AS50G headphones are one of the newest portable cans to hit the market, and are priced at about $50 new. They are marketed as being ultra-portable with a fold-up design and modular cord for easy carrying./storage, and hold the Sony name, which should indicate quality. At this price, one has to wonder if the audio is up to par with the rest of the features. Read on to find out.


The body of these portable headphones is one of the most important aspects, as it decides if these cans are truly portable or not. These headphones are designed to loop over the ears, with the headband wrapping behind the head, versus the traditional ‘top’ style. The headband is not adjustable, but is large enough that it should fit most heads.

The second feature that is worth noting is the cable, which is modular, or ‘rond’ and makes it easy to keep the cord short for these times you don’t feel like getting tangled up. The design of the cans is basic – they are almost entirely black, with a few strips of gray and just a spit of red to add some color.

The speakers don’t fit around the ears, but instead sit over them, and do so snuggly. They are not, painful, and work quite well for their purpose.


Aside from the portability features, which is the obvious and main feature that you should consider, these headphones feature a gold-plated 3.5mm standard jack and a very wide frequency range of 9hrz – 23KHz. This wide frequency means you will get solid, clear audio on both extremes of hearing – the bass will definitely rumble and roar with these.

The impedance is a low 16Ohm, which means they won’t drain an mp3 players battery as fast as other, larger headphones. The decibel is 100, so it will accompany the frequency nicely.


The biggest issue is the non-adjustable headband, but it’s really not that big of a deal. These fit snug enough that should you want to wear them partially, say while running on the street, then you won’t be able to, which could be frustrating.


There’s not much to dislike about these. They fit snug, are easy to where, fold into a compact shape, don’t hurt the ears, have great audio quality, a wide range, and even throw in a gold-plated jack.