LCD or Plasma: Which TV Should You Buy?

Which TV technology is right for you depends on the intended use of the device. In this article the differences will be explained and the pros and cons will be discussed.

LCD or Plasma: Which TV Should You Buy?
LCD or Plasma: Which TV Should You Buy?

The question which technology is the better one does not arise until a TV size of 37 inches or higher because there are no TV’s using the plasma technology below that size.

The LCD technology has caught up in recent years. Until now plasma TV’s where better than LCD TV’s regarding fluid movements in fast scenes like for example in action movies. Another advantage of a Plasma TV’s were that this technology was able to show a scene with a lot of black color in a real black color. LCD TV’s just used to dim the light and were showing the black color more as a dark gray. But this has now changed with the introduction of local backlights and now LCD and Plasma TV’s are equal in the quality regarding dark movie scenes.

Another advantage that still applies to Plasma TV’s is that they are able to show colors a bit more natural than most TV’s using the LCD technology. Another plus of a Plasma TV is that the image stays sharp even if you look at the screen from the side or any other angle. In many LCD TV’s the image looks milky and blurred when you are sitting diagonally in front of the screen.

A big problem of the Plasma TV’s is that the screen usually reflects external room lights which is disturbing when watching a movie or TV. Another problem are the so called plasma shadow images which stay on the screen for some while after for example entering and selecting something in the TV menu. Usually they disappear after a while but are kind of disturbing.

LCD TV’s generally do not have a reflecting screen that is causing distracting reflections. Another plus is that in most cases the LCD TV’s deliver better images in a bright room than Plasma TV’s. Even in well lit stores usually the LCD screens have a much better and brighter looking image than a plasma TV.

The only real disadvantage of the LCD TV is the mentioned side viewing angle. The new upper class models of the LCD TV’s have dealt with this problem successfully and managed to extend the viewing angle up to an acceptable size.

Overall you have to choose in what kind of setting you will be using the TV and buy the technology that suits your needs. Disadvantages of high use of electricity and low life belong to the past and most of the time you are only able to tell the difference between a LCD or Plasma TV in these extreme condition mentioned above.