Google TV: Another Web TV Bust or Something Different?

Google announced plans for Google TV, to a bag of mixed feelings as the world has seen other Web TV experiences (WebTV, AOLTV, and Apple TV) fail miserably in the past. This time around Google TV may have the distinct advantage those other predecessors did not have, Google.

Google TV: Another Web TV Bust or Something Different?
Google TV: Another Web TV Bust or Something Different?

Everyone knows of Google, everybody knows how to use it and knows how to search for anything on the world’s most visited site. Now attach that ease and familiarity onto a TV and you may just have a Web TV experience worthy of mass appeal and functionality, along with creating a sufficient revenue stream to keep it relevant for years to come.

Google TV is basically the Google Chrome Browser (which is the best in my opinion) integrated on Google compatible devices or a stand alone Google device you would connect to your television (Sony and Logitech are the first to sign on to integrate Google TV in their next line of televisions, Blu-Ray players, cable boxes, remotes and DVRs).

From there your TV would essentially be hooked up to the web which would allow you to easily search for television shows or just about anything with a Logitech controller and infrared mouse pointer. Being able to jump on YouTube or Hulu and watch whatever you wish is a big leg up on the past Web TV experiences.

Especially since Google TV has some pretty powerful partners lined up including, Adobe Flash (take that Apple Gestapo), Dish Network, Sony, Intel, Logitech, Hulu (supposedly), Yahoo, Best Buy and the entire family of Google products such as Flickr, and YouTube.

Being able to also connect your computer to your TV to access music and media stored on your hard drive without using iTunes, Xbox Live, or other similar constrictive software is something I have hoped for and glad to see come to life.

There are still some questions about Google TV, will it be available from other manufacturers outside of Sony, will it have Netflix on board (a huge selling point), and will it be quick enough to really transform your television into a seamless web experience? Those questions will hopefully be answered in the next few months as Google TV gets ready to launch this fall.

To sign up for updates and release information from Google about Google TV click here. Until then I will be waiting with anticipation that I will finally be able to married my computer and television together in one blissful media marriage.