Are You Getting the Big Advantages from Cloud Computer Services?

Most people are becoming more aware of the cloud or cloud computing. In the past this was a distant concept that wasn’t practical as no one has the resources or technology to do so. With the internet being what it is and having broadband internet, cloud computing is an option for the average user today. Are you using the advantages of this technology in your computing life?

Are You Getting the Big Advantages from Cloud Computer Services?

Are You Getting the Big Advantages from Cloud Computer Services?

What is cloud computing?

It’s a very simple concept. Instead of a piece of software running on your local computer, you are using an application on a server somewhere. An example of this is Google Docs. It’s a full word processor that you use on their servers instead of downloading the application to your personal computer.

There are many advantages to this. First is that your data will be backed up. Many forget to do this on their personal machines and lose information all the time. When it’s on a server that is being backed up constantly, the chance of losing data when your computer crashes is negated. Your documents will be there.

You might have a desktop, laptop, netbook, work computer, and others that you use during the week. This means that you have data all over the place. With cloud computing, you can access your applications from each of these computers and access the same data. This way you don’t have to use USB sticks to make sure everything is synced. This is done automatically for you.

You might also be using different operating systems on your computers. Most cloud applications don’t care which you are using as they work on Windows, Mac, and Linux since they run in a browser. This means you can use the operating systems you like the most and still use the same applications.

If running a slower computer like a netbook, the processing power is being done on the servers instead of your computer. You can have a slow machine but still have fairly quick processing in your applications as they are running on superior hardware.

While this might not meet everyone’s need as of yet, cloud computing does offer many advantages that you might consider.